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  • Pharmaceutical raw materials: What are the benefits of recycling of raw material wastewater?
  • Release Time:2019-10-09

    1 From economic side, the reuse of raw material wastewater has saved water resources, reduced sewage and other costs, and reduced costs, which has significant economic benefits.


    2 From the perspective of water quantity, the amount of wastewater in bio-industry, industry, medicine, etc. is almost equal to the amount of using-water, and rainwater is seasonal and random, and can be reused as reclaimed water.


    3 From the perspective of engineering construction, the engineering quantity of raw material wastewater is less than that of tap water.


    4 Nowadays, wastewater utilization technology has matured and water treatment technology can give it a technical support. Because the wastewater contains a lot of organic matter in bio-industry, industry and medicine manufacturing, wastewater utilization technology can help to improve the quality of water and recycle the wastewater.


    The reuse of raw material wastewater can achieve the purpose of no secondary pollution. The excess sludge produced can be fermented through the anaerobic layer of the septic tank. It can be used as a fertilizer to grow grain, and the exhaust of the equipment can be filtered through various layers. No odor is generated, and the noise generated when the raw material wastewater is reused can be reduced by a certain treatment.


    All above is the introduction of the benefits of wastewater recycling, hope it can make you some help.

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